Pilates 1901 offers interactive and challenging Kansas City Pilates for athletes! Train other areas of your body that get left behind. Purchase your classes today to reserve your spot!

Training on and off the field is important to remain the best of the best. Explore different workout options to target muscles that sometimes get left behind. Look into the great Kansas City Pilates for athletes class options are Pilates 1901. Pilates 1901 has many athletes and non-athletes spotlight in our workout classes. Find your second passion for fitness at Pilates 1901! Kansas City Workouts for Tennis Players

What are some class options for Kansas City Pilates for athletes?

Many athletes are used to high interval and rigorous training. By learning the fundamentals of Pilates, you can learn the importance of slow controlled motions. Regardless of fitness level, we suggest to start at the beginning if you have never worked out with Pilates before. Once you have completed a certain number of beginner and reformer classes, you may be ready to take your Kansas City Pilates for athletes classes to the elite level.

Some beginner Pilates classes include:

  • Mat Essentials will help the Pilates beginner learn and understand the basic Pilates foundation.
  • Core & Restore recharges your flexibility and muscle strength by utilizing deep stretches with an athletic inspiration.
  • Barre Burn + introduces all types of athletes to the grace and power of ballet inspired conditioning.
  • ZUMBA® helps anyone searching for Kansas City Pilates for athletes an opportunity to shake off extra weight.

After simple beginner classes, advance onto other great classes like Reformer ON Ramp. This classes teaches all athlete levels how to use the most basic and popular Pilates equipment. Once you have completed the basic Kansas City Pilates for athletes classes, move onto more of what you are familiar with! Find high cardio with weight class options. Make sure to reserve your space by purchasing your classes today!


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