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_MG_8597Beginning Pilates Mat Based Classes

(Included in your Mat/Cardio Pkg)

Basic 5 Mat – You will enjoy learning essential matwork, as you increase your stability, balance, and flexibility by learning the foundation: the five basic principles. Guaranteed to strengthen, define, and align. 50 minutes. All levels welcome.

Core & Restore– RELAX!! This class lengthens your muscles, increases flexibility & opens your joints! Stretching is not only good for you, it feels GOOD!! Deep, athletic-style stretches in various positions & angles reduce tension as well as a solid core workout. All levels welcome.


chairBeginning Pilates Equipment Classes

(Included in your Mat/Cardio Pkg)

Basic 5 Reformer – This class will introduce you to the myriad of benefits of working on one of the most popular pieces of equipment: the reformer. Continue your mat training and the five basic principles as you learn how to move on this versatile machine. You will also learn what you need to know to progress to other more advanced reformer and tramp workouts. 29 minutes.

Basic 5 Chair – This introductory class is performed on one of the most interesting and challenging pieces of equipment in the Pilates repertoire, the Wunda Chair. You will want to add this class to take your Pilates mat or reformer training to the next level. 29 minutes.

Basic 5 Cardio Tramp – Get a jump on your fitness with this 30 minute intro to tramp workout using the Stott Pilates Rebounder and 5 Basic Principles. Learn the technique and build the core stability needed for this awesome cardio class.

Restorative Reformer-  Like to stretch? Like the reformer?  This 29 minute class offers you the best of both worlds as you use the spring resistance to lengthen and strengthen your back, hips and shoulders.


Mat Class Progression Options
(Included in your Mat/Cardio Pkg)

Tina April CBB 2011 55Power Ball – Stability training with the ball to challenge your core and balance.  Pilates principles and some yoga inspired moves make this a fabulous addition to your workout schedule.  All levels.

Power Booty – This class, inspired by ballet conditioning and Pilates, combines core work with standing exercises like plies, arabesques, leg lifts & relives! Come prepared to build lean legs, buns, and lower abdominals. No dancing required! 50 minutes. All levels welcome.

Power Mat– This mat class will tone, lengthen and strengthen your entire body in record time. A variety of small props and equipment makes getting bored in this workout impossible! 50 minutes. Previous mat experience suggested.

Upper Cut – We’re targeting your trouble spots with our newest offering for your arms and abs in this 29 minute target training workout. Prepare to feel (and see) the results! Previous mat experience suggested.


2102 tina cbb feb 69Mat Based Cardio Classes
(Included in your Mat/Cardio Pkg)

KB Cross Training – A new 50 minute HIIT combo of cardio, strength and Pilates mat work.  Previous mat experience suggested but not required.  Tennis shoes required.

Step N Sweat – Unhappy with your hips, waist and arms? This 50 minute full body burner takes multi-tasking to the extreme. Cardio step intervals & strength moves are weaved together to give your heart and muscles the challenge to improve your endurance and tone. Intermediate.  Tennis shoes required.

P3 (Pilates, Planks & Plyometrics)– Rev up your metabolic furnace with Pilates-Planks-Plyometrics! A hard-core sweat-fest of Mat work and cardio. 30 minutes, Intermediate.  Tennis shoes required.


Casey action shotEquipment Based Class Progression
(Included in your Mat/Cardio Pkg, but all classes require a min of 8 Basic Five Reformer classes or 6 private sessions prior to participation)

Cardio Tramp – This 29 minute cardio reformer workout is a unique challenge combining the reformer with rebounding exercises to improve your strength, endurance, core connection and power. Prepare to sweat and employ all of your basic principles.

Pilates Body Blast – This workout combines circuits of cardio and strength training using the Pilatres reformer, Tower, Chair and Jumpboard for a one of a kind cross training workout.  This is considered an intermediate to advanced class, so please make sure you’ve done a minimum of 8 Basic Five Reformer classes or 6 private sessions prior to participation.

ABC (Abs, Butt, Core)- The ABCs may be easy but this class is not! Abs & Butt on the Chair helps build stability for a healthy spine & tones your tummy & tush. A minimum of four Basic 5 Chair classes required for participation.


_MG_836550 Minute Equipment Class Options 

(Combo Mat/Equipment Pkg)

Reformer Sculpt– This Pilates equipment class provides students a solid foundation of correct technique and essential mat and reformer exercises. Great for beginners and continuing students who want a basic reformer workout with an emphasis on muscle strength and toning. 50 minutes. A minimum of 6 private reformer sessions or 8 Basic Five classes required for participation.

Power Tower – Part reformer, part Cadillac– ALL Challenging- this workout, performed on the Tower, is suitable for clients of all levels. You’ll use the springs on the vertical frame of the V2 Max machine to provide you a multi-dimensional, innovative and creative total body workout. A minimum of 6 private reformer sessions or 8 Basic Five classes required for participation.

Reformer Challenge– This intermediate to advanced reformer class challenges experienced clients to take their core connection and strength conditioning to the next level. 50 minutes. A minimum of 6 private reformer sessions or 8 Basic Five classes required for participation.

RIP Reformer–  This class is for experienced students only.  Aptly named the Reformer Intensive Program, this class will deepen your core connection with variations on spring resistance and exercise execution tempo.  Very challenging, yet safe.  A minimum of 6 private reformer sessions or 8 Basic Five classes required for participation.