Are you looking for workout classes around Kansas City that will help you lose weight and tone muscle? Pilates 1901 has several classes to choose from!

If you are looking to shake up your options for your workout classes around Kansas City, you are in the right place! Pilates is a great form of exercise that focuses on stretching while toning muscle. Some workout classes around Kansas City use unnatural movements to tone muscle.

What types of movements are in Pilates workout classes around Kansas City?

Pilates features natural movements while teaching you how to create rather than how to react to movement. Pilates is a gentle and supportive way for people of all ages to stay active. Staying active can help you resist injury during day-to-day activities. Some workout classes around Kansas City focus on reacting to movement. Reacting to movement may cause more problems than it promises to fix. Select safe workout classes around Kansas City to tryout! _MG_8791

Try Pilates 1901 today!

What can I expect from my Pilates workout classes around Kansas City?

As a member of Pilates 1901, you can expect results! Walking into our gym, results are the most important expectation each member has. Results vary to person to person. Some members want to tone their arms, while other want to decrease their body mass index. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can start to reach them at Pilates 1901!

Start reaching your fitness goal today by joining Pilates 1901. We have a wide array of classes than span out in the day. You will be able to find a class during your lunch hour! Is your workout window during your drive home? No worries! Our convenient location on the corner of 43rd street and State Line make it easy for you to stop in on your way home. Take a break from the hassle of rush hour!

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