Many thanks to my friends Michelle Davidson and Joel Nichols for welcoming me every other Thursday morning to discuss what we can do each day to be proactive, healthy,  and happy!   I am so grateful for the opportunity to share!


Is Beer healthy?  Science says yes, but there’s a catch…

Heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer!  Studies show that drinking beer can have a positive effect in reducing all of these diseases!  Can you believe it?  There is a catch, however.  This holds true for MODERATE drinking only!   The benefits start going down at one or two beers and can even increase your risks after three!  So once again, it’s all about having fun and having moderation!


woman making up her mindWith all the information out, it’s  hard to know what to eat and drink for optimal health.   That’s where we can help you at Pilates 1901.

We offer Free Monthly workshops and educational opportunities from the city’s best experts to help you figure out how to eat, drink, sleep and move for your best life.


Have a favorite tip you’d like to share?  Post it below.  Because it takes a village!

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