Tina Sprinkle
Founder T School

T School is a lifestyle transformation program offered at Pilates 1901 to help our clients learn the skills for developing healthy habits that last.

This program works because it uses the power of three: nutrition, fitness and practice. Without any one cornerstone, health and balance cannot exist. When we harness the power of all three, our vitality and sense of well-being thrive. It’s a place for your transformation!

T School is not about a quick fix. This isn’t about going on another diet. It’s a way of living. It’s about helping you create a healthy, sustainable and balanced lifestyle for the rest of your life. That’s not all! With a solid foundation you can also live your highest potential!


Why T School?

Why Dr. Alicia Johnson, Naturopathic Physician, and owner of Aspire Health KC endorses this program.


T School is available to clients of Pilates 1901 and anyone else who is interested in achieving optimal health.  Our program resources are available in studio and online for participation nationwide.


T School Services include:

    • Private Health Coaching
    • Clean 21 and Five Week Fast Track Fat Loss Programming
    • Meditation Practice Classes
    • We also offer T School Retreat Intensive Workshops several times each year. These Retreats address issues that undermine our ability to sustain self care and strategies for lasting change.


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Fall 2017 Timber Creek Retreat Dates February 2018 Belize Retreat Dates

Interested in learning more about how T School can transform your body and your life?

Click here to email us!  We’re here to help you as we’ve helped others before you.


How T School helps real women, like you.