Many thanks to my friends Michelle Davidson and Joel Nichols for welcoming me every other Thursday morning to discuss what we can do each day to be proactive, healthy,  and happy!   I am so grateful for the opportunity to share!

What Makes a New Years Resolution worth the effort?   

Research shows that only about half of us will bother to create them and only about 8% will achieve them!  Listen to Tina as she tells you how to create a New Years Resolution that you can achieve!







Use the Acronym SMART to help you achieve your New Year’s Goals and more in 2016!

S  Make your goals Specific.
M Make sure your goals are Measurable.  What is measurable is manageable.
A  Make your goals Attainable.  It they aren’t realistic, why bother?
R  Make your goals results oriented.  This will keep you motivated.
T  Make your goals time bound.
Having a specific, measurable goal that you can realistically attain by a certain date will set you up for success.


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