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Are you unwittingly drinking yourself FAT?







It’s going to be hard to lose those extra pounds if you’re unknowingly consuming excess calories in drinks you think are healthy.  Check out these revealing stats to help you make conscious choices to help keep you healthy and lean.

When you look at the list below, keep in mind that each sugar cube is one teaspoon of sugar.  Would you really sit down and add that to a drink before consuming???

Ensure (16 GRAMS  4 sugar cubes)

Carnation Instant Breakfast drink
(18-20 GRAMS  4.5 sugar cubes)

Orange/Apple Juice 8 oz (26 GRAMS  6.5 Sugar cubes)
16 oz   (52 GRAMS 13 sugar cubes)

  • Vitamin Water  20 oz  (  32 GRAMS  8 sugar cubes)
  • Coco cola 12 oz ( 40 GRAMS -10 sugar cubes)
  • Coco cola 1 Liter  (108 GRAMS 27.5 sugar cubes)
  • Odwalla Health drinks (12.25-15 sugar cubes   49 GRAMS-60 GRAMS)
  • Snapple 16 oz  (58 GRAMS  14.5 sugar cubes)
  • Rock Star Energy Drink  16 oz  (62 GRAMS 15.5 sugar cubes)
  • Minute Maid Lemonade  20 oz (70 GRAMS  17.5 sugar cubes)
  • Starbucks Venti Frappaccino, White Chocolate Mocha or Soy Latte spice hot chocolate  20 oz
    (74 GRAMS  18.5 sugar cubes)

Kind of Amazing, right???

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