Pilates in Kansas City can help you restart and renew. Step into the new you by stepping into Pilates 1901 today!

The “new you” means different things to many people because everybody has different goals. Some desire to trim inches off their waist while others strive to build muscle. Luckily for fitness enthusiasts, Pilates has the ability to trim inches off your waist while building muscle! Pilates in Kansas City is a growing passion among Kansas City residents because of the great workout!

Where are great Pilates in Kansas City studios?_MG_8335

Pilates 1901 is located in the center of the Kansas City Metro at State Line Road and 43rd Street. Our convenient location makes it easy for you to stop by on your way to work, or on your lunch hour! Pilates 1901 offers a wide array of classes and class lengths. While some introductory classes are just shy of an hour, some cardio class options are under half an hour! Pilates 1901 has five different studios all under one roof! Each studio features different equipment that is required for the classes hosted in that space.

What kind of equipment does Pilates in Kansas City use?

Most Pilates in Kansas City studios use the Pilates reformer and Pilates chair. The reformer is a bed-like piece of equipment that is engineered to help you create movement. The Pilates chair is designed to challenge your body in a totally different way than the reformer. In addition to using specialized Pilates equipment, Pilates 1901 also offers equipment free classes!

When searching for a Pilates in Kansas City studio, it is important to find a studio that cares about your success and provides a supportive atmosphere. Pilates 1901 is dedicated to helping you find the new you! Purchase your classes today to restart and renew your workout routine.

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