Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday.

It’s not just the opportunity to cook my favorite foods and sit around the table laughing and visiting with my boys and Herb; it’s really a time to celebrate and give thanks for all the good things in your life. And man, am I lucky!

As a parent, I am in awe of my three sons. Each of them has grown into a man that I not only love as a Mom, but love as a friend. They are hardworking, loyal and kind men-each so different from the other, and each so much the same. What more could you be grateful for as a Mother?

As a partner, I have been blessed both at home and at work. Each of those partners support me in my goals- They hold me up when I get whiney and hold me to the fire when I get scared. Good partners have strength and conviction, but they also have compassion. Having both of these men in my life has changed my life so much for the better. Thank you Herb and thank you Scott.

Most of all I am thankful for my friends and co-workers at Pilates 1901. Who else gets to wake up in the morning, slip into some comfy clothes, go in for a workout and play all day with wonderful people? I do! That’s me!

I get to work with the most incredible staff in the city AND the best clients anywhere! One of the many perks of working as a fitness trainer is the kind of client you get: Ones who are motivated, have goals, the energy to achieve them and the good sense to celebrate their successes! Working with fabulous instructors and fun, playful clients is the reason the energy at Pilates 1901 is so flippin AMAZING! Thank you everyone! You make my work so much fun!

Speaking of Amazing…. Here are some stats that are going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

We began our latest Pilates Fat Loss Formula in mid September. In just 7 short weeks, my peeps have made this much progress!

  • Peggy P. has lost a total of 10 lbs and 6% BF!
  • Jill T. has lost over 6.75 inches and 6% BF!
  • Lisa G. has lost over 12.5 lbs, 20 inches and 5% BF!
  • Brenda L. has lost 17 inches and 6% BF!
  • Erika R. has lost 10lbs and 8 inches!
  • Maria P. has lost 8 lbs, 8.75 inches and 4% BF!
  • Sarah G. has lost 13 lbs, 15 inches and 3% BF!
  • Kimberly R. has lost 12 lbs, 13.5 inches and 5% BF!
  • Ann G. has lost 7.25lbs and over 10 inches!
  • Jo L. has lost 6.5 lbs and 5.75 inches!
  • Taryn K. has lost 8 lbs and 4% BF!
  • Kristy G.has lost 5.5 lbs, 5% BF and 7.25 inches!
  • Danielle R. has lost 5 lbs and 5% BF!
  • Judy R. has lost 4.25 lbs and 4% BF!

And that’s just a few of our successes! The list is growing! That’s because our Pilates Fat Loss Paleo plan simply works! And it’s simple!

And that’s ANOTHER THING I am grateful for! I don’t have to get FAT over the Holidays! Using the tools I have learned by adopting a Paleo lifestyle, I can avoid the extra 7-10 lb weight gain that most people pack on between Thanksgiving and New Years!

I am making the commitment right now not to gain 1 ounce over the Holidays! Why don’t you take the Holiday to Holiday Paleo Challenge too! More to come soon!

In the meantime, why not make something deliciously PALEO for your Thanksgiving table. Click here for some great recipes to use for your Thanksgiving table or anytime from a great website:


Let me hear from you all too! WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR? Post below, or visit us on Facebook!

2 Comments » for Pilates 1901 asks- “What are you thankful for?”
  1. sharon perry says:

    Very sweet post! I am thankful for my time working with all of you there at Pilates 1901! I am also thankful for my life, my faith and family, my good health, wonderful friends and rewarding occupation. Happy Thanksgiving cute one!

  2. peggy murray says:

    like you, tina, i am thankful for so many things in my life … including you, who has been a constant and sustaining force in my life for over 31 (yes, kevin is 31!!!) years! thank you, always, for who you are and what you bring to the table! happy (paleo) thanksgiving! peggy

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