Look to local studio for new Pilates group classes in KC. Pilates 1901 is local and conveniently located in the center of the KC metro!

Are you getting bored of the same old Pilates workout classes at your studio? Check out all the different times and class options Pilates 1901 offers! Pilates 1901 is dedicated to offering new Pilates group classes in KC to keep you on your toes. Some new classes offered by Pilates are:

  • kansas city exercise classes for a slimmer butt and thighsPower Sculpt Express is only 29 minutes of pure workout fun! This class uses small props and lighter weights to target your problem areas. Each movement in this classes targets the upper and lower body to give you a sweaty reward. All levels are welcome as long as you remember your tennis shoes!
  • Power Mat will make you dig deeper and find your inner workout diva. After every class, you will leave stronger, healthier, and energized. For this class, the experts at Pilates 1901 suggest previous mat work. Stop by on your lunch break for this 29 minute class!
  • TNT stands for a tighter tush and a toned tummy. Join this 30 minute class today to experience a new level of fit! You can expect to use dumbbells, medicine balls, and your own body weight to perfect your midsection. All levels are welcome to experience this new Pilates group classes in KC.

Pilates 1901 offers new Pilates group classes in KC to help you stay toned during the fall and winter months. To reserve your spot in the new classes, purchase your class package today! Pilates 1901 offers different class packages to best fit your work schedule. Select from different package sizes and types of classes. Follow the link above to check out all the class options. Make sure to plan for mandatory introductory classes to get the best results possible for your new Pilates classes!

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