megan smail trainer of the month pilates 1901You all know by now, we have the deepest Pilates bench in Kansas City when it comes to expertly trained STOTT Pilates and fitness trainers!  

Basic training to become a SP instructor requires over 90 hours training and another 80 hours internship-  just to get a chance to teach with us at Pilates 1901.  That means, your Pilates 1901 instructors are highly trained, motivated and uniquely qualified to ahelp you make your fitness goals come true!

Megan Smail came to Pilates 1901 first as a Groupon client who fell in love with how Pilates made her look and feel.  She then went through the training program and after just two years teaching at Pilates 1901, is one of the most popular group instructor teachers and trainers at the studio.

Check out this video, as Megan demonstrates our May Move of the Month, performed on the Pilates reformer, one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the studio.


Meet Megan Smail, our Pilates 1901 Trainer of the Month from Tina Sprinkle on Vimeo.


Can you see why we’re so proud of our team at Pilates 1901?

Let us help you get into the best shape of your life.  Click here for more information on getting started with us today!

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