Kick your booty into high gear for the fall! Find the perfect lower body workouts in Kansas City right here at Pilates 1901! Pilates is the perfect lower body exercise.

The summer is finally cooling off! This means football will be in full season, pumpkins will be present in the majority of foods and drinks, and you’ll need to dig the jeans out of the depths of your closet. Before you slide your old jeans on, make sure you’ll fit perfectly in them! Start your lower body workouts in Kansas City today! Lower body workouts in Kansas City ensure a lifted butt and tones legs. How can you pass up the opportunity to look fabulous in your old jeans?

Start your journey to a stronger lower body today! pilates classes in kansas city

A stronger lower body has more benefits than just looking better in your older jeans. A toned and stronger lower body will give you more energy to keep up with the kids! Never get tired from the kids by enrolling in lower body workouts in Kansas City. Pilates 1901 has different lower body classes to fit in your busy schedule.

  • Cardio Kettlebells is the perfect class for moderate weight training! Don’t get scared away! This class is perfect to help tone your legs and improve your overall strength. This 29 minute class will recharge your workout routine. Stop by during your lunch hour!
  • Reformer ON RAMP introduces you to the most important piece of Pilates equipment! The reformer helps train more than just your lower body. The natural movements of Pilates are amplified on the reformer. This class will strength your basic principles of Pilates.

Pilates 1901 is dedicated to customer service and providing the most supportive Pilates studios around the Kansas City area! Come into lower body workouts in Kansas City at Pilates 1901 to get ready for jean season! Hurry in! Classes fill up fast. Reserve your spot today by purchasing classes!

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