Preparation is Everything.


The first step in any successful program is planning.
That’s why we’re devoting this first week to help you prepare mentally and physically for your Detox. Of course, the detox part of clean eating will be more intense if you have been swilling wine with those pot pies during quarantine, but I suspect everyone is going to feel a bit of withdrawal when we cut the crap from your menu.
What do I mean by crap, exactly?
In general, it means anything that is processed, packaged, contains sugar, simple starch, and alcohol. Your program materials detail specific
Yes and No food lists along with pantry lists, recipes, and meal plans, but the bottom line is: keep it fresh, (and organic when possible, keep it whole, (anything with a label containing more than five ingredients stays on the shelf), and keep it clean (reliably and sustainably sourced).

Step One: Print
Click the button to access the Quarantine 15 Program materials. Save to your laptop, tablet, or print, but READ them. Everything you need for this program including the schedule is in the materials.


Step Two: Purge
Get rid of the food in your house that is not on the Q-15 yes food list. That means processed foods like crackers, bread, salad dressings, frozen foods, cakes, cookies, etc. For the next three weeks you will also want to lock up that liquor cabinet!


Step Three: Stock
Instacart or venture out to stock your kitchen with fresh, whole, healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. Grains and dairy are not on this program as they can add to inflammation and slow your detox, but if you want to keep eating them, please get full-fat dairy products and gluten-free grains.

Step Four: Track
Getting real about where we are NOW is mandatory. Here are resources for Getting Real and Getting Started!

You will need to keep track of your daily choices: food, mood, movement, and sleep. This doesn’t have to be a big deal; pick up a spiral notebook or record in the Notes section of your phone. If you choose to go deeper, you can follow the instructions in the materials for calculating macros using the My Fitness Pal app.


Snap Before Pics

This is for your eyes only, but pictures will tell the story of your commitment. I took pictures from the front, side, and back. It was painful but also a relief to accept where I am today and where I want to be after this program!


Take Your Measurements
Use this guide to take and record your measurements.
If you have someone to help you that’s great, but you can take your own. Write them down. Save them. This matters today and as you progress through the program.


Please Skip the Scale
Please forgo the scale for this program. I know you’re addicted to it but it’s an inaccurate appraisal of fat loss or fitness. Body composition, size, and how your clothes fit are better assessments of your progress. If you need more convincing, click this link
to watch a KCLIVE segment I did on why the scale lies.


Step Five: Move
Start moving. If you’ve been slacking off on your exercise program because your gym’s been closed, there’s PLENTY you can do outside and at home to jump-start your metabolism.
We’ll discuss these options in our Zoom Sessions and I will take you through some killer (30) Minute Pilates-based workouts to show you what can be done on the mat.


I’ll be texting you link to our ZOOM Meetings but for your reference, here is the link:
Meeting ID: 853 8482 3249.  No password required.
NOTE: All meetings will be recorded so you may view later if you have to miss.


If you have questions, please text me at 913 963 8546 or email me at

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