#5.   Five weeks is going to pass by anyway. You might as well look and feel much better by the end of April!

#4. You want to be lean and mean before short sleeves and hot pants!.

#3.   You need a push and guidance on how to maximize your workouts and nutrition.

#2.   You know what to do but need some structure to get you started.

#1.   What you are doing now is clearly NOT working!


Watch to find out more about this program with Proven Results.


Each week focuses on a different mode of Fitness Training and the Optimal Macronutrient template to get you results you want!

  • Week 1: Cardio
  • Week 2:  Strength
  • Week 3: High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Week 4:  Flexibility and Balance
  • Week 5:  Freestyle

Your Five Week Fast Track Program includes everything you need to succeed:

  • Five-Week Program Manual
  • Detailed Weekly Workouts, Menus and Goal Planning
  • Daily Check Lists for Focus and Accountability
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Access to Health Coaching and Pilates 1901 training.
  • Discounted New Decade New You 1901 Workshop Series (save $40 as a T Schooler)


This program is portable so even if you are traveling, you can stay connected and on track!

  • Tune into our WeeklyFB Presentations and Q & A.
  • Track your numbers with our monthly Fitness and Body Composition Assessments
  • Sweat with our 12 Minute Do Anytime Do Anywhere Online Workouts
  • Be part of a community of like-minded people with similar goals and commitment.



Register NOW!  Just $179

The difference between a Wish, Goal, and a Result is Accountability.

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