“Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” ~ Mary Oliver


Breathing is like walking- entirely important AND so dang easy to take for granted. It may be hard to believe but how we breathe dictates the very quality of our existence. Quite literally, how we are breathing is how we are living.

Although we’re mostly unaware of it, we breathe in and out about 25,000 times a day. And many of us are doing it wrong. This is the conclusion journalist James Nestor came to after talking to breathing experts and enthusiasts around the world—and he was doing it wrong, too.

Pilates instructor, Tina Sprinkle, read Nestor’s book, Breath, The New Science of a Lost Art, a few years ago which began a deep dive for her into the science and technique of breathing.

“It’s been a journey,” Tina said. “From taping my mouth shut at night to learning to hold my breath longer than I’d imagined possible, this book piqued my curiosity, triggering a journey to learn about the power of breath.

Since then I’ve studied neurodynamic breathwork and Pranayama yoga techniques to ground my nervous system, modulate my emotional states, and improve my sleep. Breathwork is changing my life!”


Besides the very obvious benefit of staying alive, breathing correctly supports our health in a myriad of important ways:

1) Lowers feelings of stress
The biggest benefit of practicing deep breathing exercises is its ability to lower feelings of stress. Other stress-relieving techniques like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness use deep breathing as the main strategy to achieve calmness and relaxation.

2) Improves mood
It’s challenging to be in a good mood when you’re stressed and anxious. Studies show that deep breathing can help improve your mood.

3) Activates your lymphatic system
Your lymphatic system circulates a clear fluid called lymph, which benefits your immune system, maintains your body fluid levels, removes cellular waste, and absorbs fats from your digestive system.

Deep breathing is one strategy for treating lymphedema, which is a buildup of fluid when the lymphatic system is blocked or damaged.

4) Improves cardiovascular endurance
Your lungs have elasticity to them, allowing you to take deep breaths. Deep breathing helps maintain elasticity in the lungs.

It also improves your awareness and ability to control your breath, which is helpful during exercise when oxygen needs are increased.

5) Helps to lower blood pressure
As mentioned earlier, exercise helps activate your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce blood pressure. While deep breathing is beneficial if you have high blood pressure, it’s not a substitute for high blood pressure medications if you’re already on them, so don’t stop taking your medications in exchange for deep breathing.



If you’re interested in learning practical breathwork techniques to improve your mood, health, and focus, consider joining Tina, for the FREE to BREATHE Workshop on Saturday, October 14th between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.


This Breathwork Reset Workshop is for you if…

  • You struggle with brain fog, concentration, and distraction
  • You feel anxious at times for no reason
  • You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • You find yourself in a constant state of underlying stress
  • You’re ready to embrace simple breathing techniques to increase clarity, calm, and groundedness
  • You’re craving some much-needed downtime with other like-minded humans in a welcome and supportive setting


Reserve your spot for $49




Meet Your Instructor

Tina Sprinkle has been in the fitness industry for over forty years working as a group exercise instructor, health club manager, and studio owner.

Tina’s training background includes:

  • Group exercise leadership
  • Spinning
  • STOTT PILATES ® Mat and Equipment training
  • Aerial Pilates
  • Yamuna Ball Training,
  • and more…

Tina is a certified Functional Nutrition Alliance coach most recently completing a two-year program specializing in nutrition and endocrinology.

Tina also hosts self-care and adventure retreats in the US and abroad. Tina has studied breathwork techniques with SOMA breathwork and Neurodynamic Breathwork training programs.

Questions? Email Tina today!


This workshop takes place in person at Pilates 1901.

Located in the Arvest Bank Building ~ 222 West Gregory Boulevard Suite G-1 • Kansas City, MO 64114
+1 (913) 375-2416

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