JasonAs part of our 12 week T School Fat Loss program, we offer a series of workshops to educate and motivate you.

We know that understanding the WHY behind our requests will INSPIRE you to take ACTION.

Here is my recap of Dr Jason Fechter’s fabulous presentation on the reason you may need to supplement your diet even if you are eating a very healthy diet.  I learned a lot and I think you will too.  
He did it better, of course, but here’s a baseline of the information shared.
watch this
If you would like to contact Dr Fechter for a consultation, please email him at jason@evolveppc.com today!    
And if you’d like more information about Getting Started with us at Pilates 1901 or want to join us for our T School Fat Loss Program, please don’t hesitate to email me at tina@pilates1901.com

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