That’s right!  Tina and Jill are doing it again!

Pilates 1901and Jill Tupper are teaming up to present the awesome workshop series: The 4 F’s to Fat Loss Freedom!

Not only is this a part of the amazing Pilates FAT LOSS Formula program, its’ open to all of our friends, family and clients! That’s right!  Now you can sign up for the Four F Workshop series for just $60!

Jill is an expert in the Mind Body Connection & has discovered  the secret to lasting weight loss.  
Shifting the mind to align with the body is the key.   This incredible program not only changes bodies but transforms lives.

So,what do you have to lose?
All Four Fabulous Workshops for just $60!



Fit & Fun to be With
This 2 hour workshop gives you the VISION you will need to
create your fat loss success!
You’ve got to see the END to knowwhere you are going!
Saturday, October 13th
Time:  12 PM – 2 PM


Familiar Funk & All That Junk

If change were easy, we’d all be doing it!  We’ll unveil the power of the familiar and how to overcome old patterns of inertia to take
action for our dreams and goals.

Tuesday, October 23rd

Time:  7:30 PM


Fits & Starts & Vanishing Parts
The power of VISION and CONSISTENT ACTION are explored in charting
our newly shrinking waistlines and expanding horizons.

Saturday, November 3rd
Time:  12 PM

Fed Up– Food as fuel

Exploring the role we give food in our lives and how to view it as
it truly is: food as energy to fuel our best selves, bodies and minds!

Tuesday, November 13th

Time:  7:30 PM


Are you ready to TAKE ACTION to CHANGE YOUR MIND about your own FAT LOSS?

Click here to Get Started with Jill today.

Questions?   Email Jill at

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