be kindCommitting to a program like T-School can be seen as the ultimate act of self-love. By joining this group of dedicated individuals, you are telling yourself (and the ones around you) that you deserve the best, healthiest life possible. Every time you sign up for a class, push yourself through a workout, or choose a healthier menu item, you are screaming to the world, “I LOVE MYSELF. I AM WORTH IT.”

It can be pretty easy to see how these acts of self-love can effect your life every day. But what about outward acts of love? I recently read an intriguing article from Huffington Post about the effects of random acts of kindness. Again, it is easy to imagine the immediate effects of these gestures, especially when they occur face-to-face; you can see the effect on the faces of those involved. But the article, written by Donna Labermeier, suggests that random acts of kindness could have a much larger impact than we originally might think.

The Butterfly Effect

Labermeier says one way in which kind acts make a big change is in the perception of life. This is true regarding loving actions towards ourselves or towards others. In order to make kind gestures, we typically spend a little time thinking about what we will do, and how it will make ourselves or the other individual feel. This elevates our perception to a place of love and positivity, and brings about feelings of hope and joy.

One small act of kindness can make a big difference, and you might not even see it. Even a small gesture like opening the door for someone, or buying someone a meal can create lasting positive energy that can have a butterfly effect to many, many other people’s lives.

Another huge effect of showing generosity to others is that it provides an example of love and understanding for others to follow. We can all bring consciousness to others of the possibility of love in every situation. Of one person witnesses a kind act, it is very likely that they will model that behavior in their own lives.

This last point is one that I find especially poignant as I consider our incredible T-Schoolers. Each of you, just by participating are committing an act of kindness. First and foremost, it is an act of kindness to your self. You are deserving of this love and can be proud of your hard work. But by being a T-Schooler, you are offering a kind act to others. You are a model for your friends, your co-workers, your parents, and your children. When others see that you value yourself and find the strength to participate in a program like T-School, they have the chance to reflect on the positive opportunities available to them in their own lives.

This week, celebrate the kind choices you make for yourself each day, and consider what other kind acts you can do for others. If you come from a place of love, the effects of these choices will reach far further than you’ll ever know.

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