beach-972566_640Last week we learned about the science behind the benefits of meditation. A recent study found that meditation can reduce expression of genes involved in inflammatory processes. Click here to check it out! Results from another study suggest that 8 weeks of meditation may have an effect on brain function that persists even when someone is not meditating. But even without these studies, many of you T-Schoolers already know that meditation just plain makes you feel GREAT! While we may not know exactly why meditation helps to improve our outlook and change our behaviors, what we do know is that it works and we could all probably use a little more of it in our lives.

To make it even easier to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, we’re suggesting several smart phone apps that can make meditation easy, fun, and more effective. Many of these apps were mentioned in a recent article from Huffington Post, and we’ve found a few more that we love!

Stop, Breathe & Think

First of all, this app is FREE which is already a plus. Stop, Breathe & Think provides three guided meditations, each between 5-10 minutes long. With just a little effort, it’s easy to fit these meditations into your schedule! The app also lets you track your progress, which is based on how long you have meditated and how you feel each day. As T-Schoolers, you all know how important those progress reports are!


Available for iPhone or Android, this app offers a free, ten-day program of short guided meditations. Headspace is a great choice if you would like to use meditation to tackle specific issues, such as improving sleep or reducing stress. Again, this app lets you track day-by-day progress, and also provides meditation reminders.


Despite the funny name, this app was rated by as one the the best iPhone and Android apps of 2015. Buddhify offers over 80 custom guided audio meditation tracks, each based on a specific topic, like waking up, taking a break from work, etc. Meditations range from 5-30 minutes. Progress stats are available and you can rate your relaxation level.


Not sure what type of meditation you need? This app asks you to record your mood, then it recommends a relevant meditation. Global experts have provided tons of guided meditations based on such topics as health, wealth, and sleep.

Have you found any other apps that help you to practice meditation? Be sure to pass them on to your fellow T-Schoolers! Let us know in the comments what works for you!

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