_MG_8876If you’re a T-Schooler, you already know that at Pilates 1901, we like to have a good time! Even if you didn’t know that 40% of women would exercise more if it felt like less of a chore (a statistic from the American Cancer Society), I think we all understand it’s important find ways to make our workouts enjoyable.

This article from realbuzz.com highlights some great ways to make your fitness routines more fun. Of course many of these are built right into the T-School curriculum, but there are also some additional tips that you can make your own!

Find “The One”

One tip the article mentions is to “find an exercise you love.” It is so very important to get involved in a fitness routine that A: meets your health goals and B: you enjoy doing. Well, of course we hope you LOVE Pilates. Our students typically find that Pilates 1901 offers the right balance of toning and strengthening through the wide variety of classes and dedicated instructors. Even if equipment classes aren’t your thing, you can create a great fitness routine with mat and cardio classes. Try out a bunch of different workouts until you find the ones that are perfect for you.

Mix It Up

Speaking of variety, the realbuzz.com article also points out that doing the same routine over and over (even if it is your absolute FAV) will eventually get dull. Mix it up, people! Trade out your usual Reformer workout for a Zumba dance class or a TNT (Tush and Tummy) workout. Pilates 1901 offers a TON of different styles of workouts, so you will never get bored.

Join the Club

Another tip (and this is a big one) is to add a social element to your workouts. Working out with your friends, or even strangers, can make your workouts more fun and even more effective. If you’re a T-Schooler, be sure to check out our FREE Workout Wednesdays every week at 7:00 pm. At Pilates 1901, we think our amazing instructors and coaches are pretty darn fun. They have a way of completely energizing a room and getting everyone on their level!

fitness funTreat Yo’ Self and Pump Up the Jams

Definitely check out the other great tips from the article; there are some good ones! For example, it’s always fun to treat yourself with a little reward if you complete a specific fitness goal. Remember: positive, healthy treats only! Grab a delicious fresh juice or pick up a new pair of cross-fit shoes. Also, PUMP UP THE JAMS! Research has shown that listening to music during a workout can help to boost your endurance. And with headphones, no one needs to know that you’re rocking out to your favorite guilty pleasure playlist.

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