TINA AND LISA WOODSIDEI met Lisa Looy in the early 90’s and have been blessed by her generous spirit, ample talents and hard work for many years.  

She is an amazing woman, co-worker, trainer and friend.  

Please help me in celebrating Lisa as our Pilates 1901 trainer of the month!

We are all so blessed to be able to benefit from her experience and teaching abilities.  Enjoy!




MOVE OF THE MONTHLisa also demonstrates our Pilates 1901 Move of the Month, a Do Anywhere, Do Anytime Arms & Abs Workout!

Sure, you’re traveling, but she’s made it possible for you to train on the road! 

Lisa’s no longer taking new clients but you can still take her classes at Pilates 1901.  


Workout with Lisa!

Lisa Looy
* 1230 pm  Arms and Abs  (29 minutes of no nonsense Pilates based strength moves to tone and sculpt your core and arms)

* 600 pm   Tower Class (50 minutes workout on the Pilates Tower- a machine that combines the best of the reformer and cadillac)


* 530 pm  Arms and Abs  (29 minutes of no nonsense Pilates based strength moves to tone and sculpt your core and arms)
Annalisa and Lisa at Pilates 1901


* 530 pm Pilates Circuit  (50 minute crosstraining workout using a variety of Pilates equipment, large and small)


* 900 am Cardio Sculpt  (29 minutes of cardio training and toning on the good old fashioned step!)


* 815 am Reformer Challenge (50 minute kick butt workout for advanced reformer clients)

* 1030 am  Pilates on the Ball  (50 minute balance and core challenge using the large Pilates balls)


Not yet a client at Pilates 1901?
Click here to get started taking classes at Pilates 1901 with Lisa and the rest of our excellent staff!  

We’re lucky and so are you!

2 Comments » for Lisa Looy is Amazing and We are So Lucky to Have her at Pilates 1901
  1. SHARON PERRY says:

    Lisa you are awesome!! XOXOXO

    • Harlene says:

      I’ve been taking classes from Lisa for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that I have never seen her in a bad mood, never seen her be unkind or even slightly sharp with ANYONE. She can teach strong, flexible, toned people and older, achy, limited people in the same class and everyone will get the workout they want without embarrassment or criticism. That is a truly gifted teacher. She always makes everyone feel welcome. And just looking at her, her posture and muscle tone, is truly an inspiration. Pilates 1901 can become like a family, in a good way, and for me that has largely been because of Lisa. Thank you, Tina. And thank you, Lisa.

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