Each month we feature one of our amazing clients as our Pilates 1901 Peep of the Month.


This month we’re introducing you to Joyce Pack, a fabulous spirit who joined 1901 in 2016 because she wanted to switch up her exercise routine and lose a few pounds.

Joyce joined our Clean 21 Jumpstart in January of 2016 and has been an avid Pilates 1901 participant ever since, getting the results she was looking for and referring her friends to us.

Joyce had hip replacement surgery a few months ago and is using Pilates as part of her rehab to get back to doing all the things she wants to do.  We love that because helping people fully recover from an accident, injury, or surgery is what we’re all about at Pilates 1901!


Thank you, Joyce, for trusting us at 1901 to help you regain your mobility and Mojo!  Your progress so far has been nothing short of AMAZING!

You know what it takes: a great attitude, loving friends & family, faith in the effort put forth, and getting in your car to drive to 1901!  That’s what it’s all about!

We love your spirit and energy!


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