Reserve your spot in Pilates 1901’s Instructor Certification program to become a Pilates instructor in Kansas City and beyond!

Are you interested in turning your passion for exercise and training into a full or part-time career? If so, then Pilates 1901 has an incredible offer for you! We offer STOTT Pilates® training and certification courses at our large, gorgeous gym near downtown Kansas City and can help you become a successful Pilates instructor in Kansas City and all around the country. STOTT Pilates® is an internationally recognized and respected Pilates training organization and will teach you how to manage and advance your career, enabling you to work in studios like Pilates 1901, or any other studio around.

How you can become a Pilates instructor in Kansas City at Pilates 1901

When you decide you want to become a Pilates instructor in Kansas City with Pilates 1901’s offerings, all you have to do is visit our website to sign up! A few of the upcoming courses (which you can read more about by following the previous link) include:

  • Advanced Mat Training & Intensive Mat-Plus (IMP): With these courses, you will have an understanding of the skills you need to develop effective and motivating personal and group training programs on mats. You will be qualified to teach clients of a variety of fitness levels after these courses and can help clients with their specific needs and goals; from post-rehab to skilled athletes.
  • Intensive Reformer Training (IR): This course will prepare you to teach exercises, including variations and modifications, on the STOTT Pilates® Reformer, the most important and recognizable piece of Pilates equipment.  You will be able to combine mat and reformer-based workouts to truly motivate group classes and customize personal training sessions for your clients.
  • And more continuing education courses! Sign up today to be on the fast track toward becoming a skilled Pilates instructor in Kansas City!

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