sugarThere are some ingredients in foods that can hurt your body more than realize. One of these dangerous foods is sugar. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in America. If you take a step back and count your daily sugar intake of typical foods, you may find that you are ingesting an extremely unhealthy amount. According to a National Health and Nutrition Survey, the average American consumes 20 teaspoons of sugar a day! To achieve all of your fitness goals, you need to cut sugar out of your diet completely.

How do I detox my body from sugar?

First, it is important to realize you have a sugar addiction. Can you go a day without something sweet? How many servings of fruit do you eat in a day? Once you have the answers to these questions, evaluate your sugar intake. Your sugar levels are most likely high. During your 21 Day Sugar Detox, it is important to set your level of participation and stick to it. Are you willing to ban everything that contains sugar from your house? Start to detox your body from the harmful effects of sugar! Sugar has the power to:

  • Create the perfect environment for the bad bacteria in your mouth. This can cause many dental complications, including cavities.
  • Cause your body to start to resist insulin. Insulin helps maintain your blood glucose levels. Steer clear of Type 2 diabetes by cutting sugar out of your diet.
  • Decrease the chances of beating cancer. There are many studies that prove sugar destroys your metabolism. When your metabolism is permanently destroyed, the likelihood of surviving a potential cancer battle can be more difficult.
  • Promote fat storage in the body which makes it impossible to shave the extra inches off of your waist.
  • And so much more!

Start eliminating sugar from your diet today with the 21 Day Sugar Detox! This diet is the healthiest lifestyle change that will promote a healthier you. The diet T School advocates restricts the amount of sugar that you are able to consume. However, simply reading the book and starting the diet is not the most important factor into detoxing your body. The most important factor that will determine your T School success is the amount of participation you put into your sugar detox! Think about it: you are more likely to succeed if you are willing to really commit.

Participate in the 21 Day Sugar Detox by learning how to shop smart!

diet-403588_640When grocery shopping, it is important to eat beforehand; plan your weekly meals and create a list of the items you need; start your shopping in the produce aisle; stick to your list; and shop farmer’s markets. By shopping farmer’s markets, you help a local farmer pay bills and you are able to buy more produce for less than at national grocery stores. Learn all the secrets of shopping smart from Tina and Caleb Summers of Evolve Paleo Chef by clicking here!

During your sugar detox, make sure to talk to others going through the same healthy transition. By seeking the help and guidance of others who are now reaping the benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle, you surround yourself with support! Turn to your favorite Pilates studio, friends, and family for support as well. Stop hurting your body and long-term health by choosing to participate in the 21 Day Sugar Detox today.

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