What would Tina Eat?

This post was created tongue in cheek because my clients are always asking me what I eat. One of them suggested I write a regular blog on this topic, posting recipes for eating clean.

Here’s a tasty, healthy recipe which was shared with me by another client, Gail.  Enjoy!



Chipotle Turkey Burgers


  • Fresh Cilantro – chop fine about 3 tablespoons
  • Fresh Basil – chop fine about 1 tablespoon
  • Chuluha Hot Sauce – to taste…I like to use quite a bit in the sauce
  • Chili Paste – about 1 table spoon in the ground turkey/same for the sauce
  • Cavender’s All-Purpose Greek Spice – about 1 tablespoon for the ground turkey/ to taste for the sauce




  1. Mix these ingredients into 1 lb. of ground turkey and form into paddies – grill or sauté.
  2. The sauce is all of the above spices mixed with light mayo. 
  3. Wrap each grilled paddy into a large leaf of lettuce with chipotle mayo inside. Just don’t use iceberg because the leaves aren’t usually big enough- Romaine is good. 
  4. There measurements aren’t precise on the ingredients…I just use a lot of hot sauce because I like it


These little gems do not disappoint!  With or without the sauce, these sliders are amazing!  Make them ASAP!  Bon appetite!



2 Comments » for What Would Tina Eat : Chipotle Turkey Sliders
  1. Dalai Lina says:

    I’m all over this! Looks delish!

  2. Betty Mantz says:

    I LOVE the new look of your website!!! AND your What Would Tina Eat? concept. So fun! Congratulations. Great work.

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