peep of the month (2)Each month we feature one of our incredible clients as our Pilates Peep of the Month!

This month  am totally stoked about introducing you to one of the loveliest women I know.  She is incredibly generous, thoughtful and helpful to everyone.  Gail Wally gives her all to everyone to help them along their own journey, whether she’s known you 10 years or 10 minutes.

gail (2)I met Gail over 18 years ago when I was a personal trainer and director at Woodside.  Little did I know that first session that I would be blessed to have found a new life long friend.  She has helped hold me up many times over the years and continues to do so as a T School coach at Pilates 1901 for Team Orange.

I asked Gail to be Peep of the Month because this month is a very BIG Birthday month for Gail, although you would NEVER guess her age by her looks.  She is an example of the ageless beauty we can all have by living healthy, lovingly and sharing positive energy.











GAIL WALLYWhat Gail has to say about Pilates….

I’d never done Pilates before but I was taking yoga when a friend said she’d tried it and thought it was amazing. She was right.”

“I love Pilates and try to work it in my schedule as often as I can. I especially love the community we’ve created in the studio. The staff and other clients always find a way to support each others needs…physical and emotional. I have not found another workout location that can do both.”

“When people ask me what specific changes I’ve seen in my body I say that I really feel longer and centered. But beyond that, I’ve lost 10 lbs and kept it off with the support of Tina and T school. I love being a part of this program as a coach because it keeps me centered in my own program.”

“T School isn’t just about weight loss- it’s about transforming every part of your world: helping you make mindful choices about what you put into your body, how you move and developing a practice to take care of your spirit. We all know what to do, right? T School has provided me the structure and the community to live it. And that’s priceless.”


If you’re interested in improving your body, your spirit and your energy,  we’re here to help! For more information on getting started with us at Pilates 1901, click here.


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