peep of the month (2)Each month we love featuring one of our incredible clients as our Pilates Peep of the Month!  This month we get to feature two!

We’re totally excited to introduce you long time 1901 clients, Barb and David Nicely.  Barb’s followed us around since 2007 and David has been working with us since 2010, but that’s not the reason we’re featuring the two of them this month.  They came to 1901 to workout but in the process have gained so much more.

Nicely's 1David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease several years ago. Always proactive, he began working out regularly with Lisa Looy to manage his symptoms.  He was able to work on his mind body connection, his strength and structural integrity, but balance and stability remained his biggest challenge.

Barb attended one of our educational workshops and learned about the inflammatory effects of eating too much sugar, dairy and gluten.  In her quest to also help David manage his Parkinson’s she discovered that eating this way might improve his disease if it was worsened by inflammation.  As it turns out, she was right!

David’s balance, ability to walk and his overall functionality has dramatically improved since they changed their diet. David also lost 35 pounds, but that was not the main focus of changing their lifestyle.  Take a few moments to listen to their amazing story and be inspired.   This is why we love doing what we do every day at Pilates 1901!








Nicely royalsCongratulations to Barb and David!

You’ve both shown us the power of taking action (and responsibility), for the choices that directly impact the quality of our health and our lives.

Pilates is transforming in it’s ability to connect our bodies and minds– good nutrition is the foundation of all health.  You two have figured this out and are reaping the rewards in life changing ways.



If you’re interested in improving your body, your spirit and your energy,  we’re here to help! For more information on getting started with us at Pilates 1901, click here.


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