Each month we love featuring one of our incredible clients as our Pilates Peep of the Month!  This month you get to meet one of our favorite people, Linda Jeffries.  

Linda has been a client at Pilates 1901 for nearly four years.  During that time, she has worked to over come injury and set backs due to accident and aging.

Committed to being the best she can be at any age, Linda loves working with Cara, her trainer, and credits her Pilates practice for increasing her body awareness, flexibility, strength and endurance.  Her main goal is to remain healthy and strong to be able to do the things she loves- like keeping up with her children and grand children.

Take a quick moment to listen to Cara’s conversation with Linda about why she came to Pilates 1901 and why she stays.




peep-of-the-month-linda-jeffriesLinda is religious about her workouts.  Despite a few set backs from accidents, Linda never fails to show up for her sessions.  Cara has helped Linda connect to her core, improve her posture and increase her strength and stamina to be able to keep up with her kids and grand kids.

Recently Linda was able to hike up to the nosebleed seats at a football game at TCU and credits her work at the studio for it.

Linda also loves the way Pilates makes her feel- she is “proud” of herself when she is driving down the street with her shoulders open and relaxed, and mindful of using her core connection when lifting heavy items.  Her back pain, which precipitated her trying Pilates in the first place, is completely gone.

Thank you Linda for your example of keeping fit, keeping fun and keeping smiling!  You inspire us!

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