At Pilates 1901, our 30 and 50 minute Private Pilates Training sessions are all about YOU! Your goals, your schedule, your results!

    • Private Training Clients have ultimate flexibility and freedom in their training schedules because we are here when you want us to be!


    • Private Training Clients are not limited to any class format, equipment or class schedule. Since this session is based on your individual goals and needs, you can workout when it’s convenient to you and utilize any and all relevant pieces of Pilates equipment in the studio 
    • If you’re brand new to the studio and to Private Pilates Training, you’ll want to take advantage of our New Client Offer!


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How does it work?

    • Your first session you will under go a thorough assessment process to help us determine your specific needs and how Pilates can help you. This includes a postural analysis, dynamic assessment and introduction to the five foundation principles of Pilates training. Since your practice is built upon your understanding these five basic principles, it is essential you connect your mind and body via learning these movements.


    • During your first six sessions, you will work with your trainer on determining the best approach for your structural issues and personal goals.  This may include work on the mat, Cadillac, reformer, chair or barrels; it truly depends on your individual needs and program plan.  After your first six sessions, you will feel ready to either continue in group classes, as a private client or some combination of both.  Your trainer and you will decide together what the next best steps are for you.



Tina-Action-web2-199x300Introductory new client offer

Working one-on-one with a trainer is the premier option to beginning your Pilates practice; especially since we've discounted your first six sessions with this Intro to Pilates package. Includes a postural analysis, personalized program design, body composition testing and teaching of the Pilates Five Basic Priniciples. Click here for more information on private training at Pilates 1901! This package has been discounted by $190 – Get your first 6 PRIVATE sessions for just $259!

Total Number of Sessions Length of Class Price
6 50 $259.00 Buy Now

Total Number of Sessions Sessions Per Week Length of Class Price
24 1X 30 $144.00 Buy Now
48 2X 30 $264.00 Buy Now

Total Number of Sessions Sessions Per Week Length of Class Price
24 1X 50 $249.00 Buy Now
48 2X 50 $475.00 Buy Now
If you're interested in booking tandem or semi-private training sessions, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you to schedule a time.