Tina Sprinkle
Founder T School

T School is a lifestyle transformation program offered at Pilates 1901 to help our clients learn the skills for developing healthy habits that last.

This program works because it uses the power of three: nutrition, fitness, and practice. Without anyone cornerstone, health and balance cannot exist. When we harness the power of all three, our vitality and sense of well-being thrive. It’s a place for your transformation!

T School is not about a quick fix. This isn’t about going on another diet. It’s a way of living. It’s about helping you create a healthy, sustainable and balanced lifestyle for the rest of your life. That’s not all! With a solid foundation, you can also live your highest potential!


Why T School?

Why Dr. Alicia Johnson, Naturopathic Physician, and owner of Aspire Health KC endorses this program.


T School is available to clients of Pilates 1901 and anyone else who is interested in achieving optimal health.  Our program resources are available in studio and online for participation nationwide.


T School Services include:

    • Small Group & Private Health Coaching
    • Clean 21, Autoimmune Support and Five Week Fast Track Fat Loss Programming
    • Meditation Practice Classes
    • T School Retreat Intensive Workshops several times each year. These Retreats address issues that undermine our ability to sustain self-care and strategies for lasting change.

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Join us for our Clean 21 Sugar Detox to banish that holiday bloat.

Clean 21 Sugar Detox Jan 20th- Feb 16th
But we’ll start our Prep Week Jan 12th -19th

Join Tina Sprinkle and Tricia Collins, R.N. as they help you banish that
Holiday fat and more with their Clean 21 Sugar Detox!

How it works.


      • GET THE SUGAR OUT. It starts with Food.  This 21-day detox program includes everything you need to help you eat a variety of foods that will reduce inflammation and support healing.  Yes and No food lists suggested meal plans, recipes, and tips for keeping meal prep simple makes eating clean keep doable and accessible.


      • EXERCISE RIGHT. Move with Purpose. Not all exercise is the same.  Learn to get the MOST from the LEAST: It’s what we call High-Efficiency Exercise.  Your body responds to VARIETY so we show you how to combine exercises that challenge your limits with other exercises that support and heal the body.   Pilates, Yoga, Walking, Inversion Therapy and other Mindful Movement modalities help you recover;  HEE workouts help boost your metabolism and energy.  


      • BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF. Get Your Mind Right.   It’s hard to stay focused and achieve your goals when you’re not eating and exercising in a way that supports that focus.  But it’s more than diet and exercise. Living your best life requires doing work on your mental fitness as well as your physical.  We will help with strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and self-sabotage.


This program also includes:

What is measurable is manageable.  That’s why we developed a special app to measure and track your progress! body composition, measurements, pictures and fitness stats.  Private, personal and targeted to your personal goals, the Clean 21 Sugar Detox program includes two group assessments measuring body composition, measurements, photos, and fitness testing results.
A goal without a plan is just a dream. This program provides a roadmap for success by detailing specific steps for eating clean food, exercising smarter not harder, and developing tools for better lifestyle choice and habits. Group Coaching is offered each Wednesday night at 6 pm for four weeks (Jan 16, 23, 30, and Feb 6) to guide, support and motivate you to get the most out of this experience.
If we could do this on your own, you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s face it, most of us do better when we’re around like-minded people.  That’s the power of community and this one in particular.  Daily AM inspirational texts, emails and a private Facebook group hosted by your coaches bring our community to your door. Finding an accountability partner in the group will also help you both achieve and learn better together.


All health begins with a decision to put yourself and your quality of life first. 
Multiple other decisions follow, that together, make up the practice of self-care.
Learning to practice self-care isn’t selfish- it’s our obligation to our selves and those we love.

This entire program is just $149!!


Your providers:

Tricia Collins, RN
Certified Health Coach

Tina Sprinkle
Owner Pilates 1901


The workshop is FREE, but we’d like to know you are coming.  Please email us your reservation request! 


How T School helps real women, like you.


Listen to learn more about how T School can transform your body and your life.


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