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Suba Nadarajah

Subashini (Suba) Nadarajah, Director of Design at VMLY&R is originally from Malaysia, has spent the past 27 years in Kansas City. She believes that art and design, combined with storytelling, give our world a sense of connectivity. They're universal languages that bring people together. Sharing design is one of her utmost fundamental beliefs.

When not at VMLY&R, Suba is a closet architect who designed her own home where she resides with her 7 year old rescue blue merle sheltie. Her home was even featured in Dwell's online article "Your Rooms We Love." She is also an aspiring equestrian, a world traveler, a photographer, an avid walker, a tea connoisseur, a lover of mid-century modern designs and a Pilates lover who finds balance in life through meditation and living mindfully.

In a recent KC TED Talk, she discussed how powerful our breath can be when we are mindful of its virtues and powers. Living consciously has become the bedrock of her life. Suba’s purpose is to keep breathing mindfully. Staying grounded and balanced is paramount to her existence.

“We breathe every second — it’s what keeps us alive. But we forget how powerful our breath can be when we are mindful of its virtues and powers” is one of her own mantra she lives by every day. Guiding meditation and sharing how to live a mindful life has become one of her many life aspirations.

Join Suba on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am for her Sunday Zen Meditation class. It's a great gift to give to yourself.