It’s not too late to join our Five Week Fat Loss Program!


If practicing healthy habits were easy, we’d all be happy and healthy. The truth is life’s stressors, distractions and inevitable detours often sabotage our best intentions.  

The truth is we all need the support of an organized system and community support to turn our ideas into practice.  We’re human!

That’s why we’ve created this TURN KEY program: to help give you the structure, process, and accountability you need to focus on and achieve your health goals.  



Each week we pair a different Workout Mode with the Optimal Macronutrient template to get you results you want!

  • Week 1:  Smarter, Harder, Cardio
  • Week 2:  Power Up Strength
  • Week 3:  HIIT 4 Metabolism Energy
  • Week 4:  The Balancing Act: Flexibility & Mindful Movement
  • Week 5:  Getting Personal: Putting it to Practice



Your Five Week Fast Track Program includes everything you need to succeed:

  • Five-Week Program Manual
  • Detailed Weekly Workouts, Menus and Goal Planning
  • Daily Check Lists for Focus and Accountability
  • Private Facebook Community and Online support
  • Optional upgrade to include private and small group coaching


There are two ways to participate, depending on your current need:


      Basic Five Week Online        Five Week Fast Intensive 

 JUST $129



  JUST $249




 Program Calendar

  • Prep Week:  September 18th – 24th  (Baseline Assessments)
  • Program Dates:  Monday, September 25th- Sunday, Oct 29th
  • Foundation Workshop: Pilates Fundamentals, Saturday, Oct 21st @ 12 pm
  • Weekly Intensive Coaching Sessions: Thursdays at 6:00 pm  Sept 21- Oct 26th

Tricia and Tina Detail the Program for You…

The difference between a Wish, Goal, and a Result is Accountability.

Questions?  Email today


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